We’re back for the summer, once again! Feel free to start sending in messages if you either are planning to join a cabin for this 2013 year, or want to submit headcanons and/or fanwork!

EDIT: Friday, July 5th is the official starting date! I’m not averse to anyone starting early, but that’s the official start date. Should give everyone ample time to prepare.


Camp Weehawken is an AU summer camp for all Onceler askblogs!

Started by Pinkcakes-blackcoffee's interpretation of a few of Swag Onceler's posts, it exploded into a fandom-wide event, in which most askblogs are participating in via “Weehawken Weekend”, blogging as their younger camp selves.

Now that it’s summer again, the AU will be restarting for all to participate!

The ages vary, as most campers are between the ages of 12-17. Some participants are also Counselors.

The girls (Fem!Oncelers and Normas) are at Camp North Nitch, which is across the lake.

Once-lings and Once-sirs are at Camp South Stitch, and are headed by their own appointed counselors.

All Oncelers and Oncelings are welcome to join. Submit any headcanons, fanart, and fanfiction to either this blog, or the “camp weehawken” tag.

Posts that are specifically South Stitch/North Nitch should be tagged as such.

List of Participants

NOTE: We will also be listing members of camp south stitch until the status on their blog is known for sure.

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